Errecom is on Forbes as one of the 100 most sustainable Italian companies

An example of Italian excellence: this is what emerges from the analysis conducted by ALTIS Università Cattolica and promoted by Credit Suisse and Kon Group to highlight Italian companies that actively contribute to the achievement of UN goals.
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President Luca Ronga will be awarded the Sustainability Award this evening, at the East End Studios – Studio 90, in Milan, in recognition of Errecom’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth. The event will feature Errecom together with other Italian sustainable excellences which have successfully contributed to the sustainable, inclusive, and stable growth of the Italian economy, reducing their environmental impact, and creating added value for the community. The list of the 100 sustainable excellences was published on Forbes (media partner of the event). But what does “sustainable” mean? To fully understand it, we must move away from the concept of corporate sustainability, which was once exclusively related to economic-financial aspects. Today, in a context characterised by the environmental problem and the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to recognise the complexity of this concept. Sustainability refers mainly to environmental, social and governance aspects, which are the three elements used by Credit Suisse and Kon Group to define the ESG score. The companies receiving the Sustainability Award have passed two selections based on rigorous criteria relating to the level of transparency of their corporate governance model and the impact their business has on the environment and the community. ESG criteria, in fact, are a set of standards that does not refer only to environmental choices such as the use of clean energy, green packaging, proper waste disposal and recycling. ESG is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors; therefore, it also considers the interaction and support of a company to the community and, more generally, all the actions that contribute bringing added value to both employees and individuals outside the company. What about Errecom, then? How is it a sustainable company?

Environmental commitment

As far as it concerns Errecom’s environmental commitment, the company’s mission should be highlighted: maximising the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and solving the problem of refrigerant gas leaks. For the most part, in fact, Errecom products have been formulated to solve the waste of energy from AC/R systems and to prevent and repair refrigerant gas leaks, which are one of the main factors of the greenhouse effect. Errecom’s environmental commitment, however, does not stop with its mission: the use of eco-sustainable raw materials, green packaging, and the dematerialisation of information processes are other examples of the green path taken by the company. Not to mention the upcoming ‘How to recycle’ project. A QR code will be placed on all packaging and will allow the customer to land on a digital platform where specific recycling instructions will be provided for each product component.

Errecom’s social contribution and governance model

Multi-ethnic staff, the high percentage of females, the average age of 35 years: this is Errecom, a company that has bet (and continues to do so) on young talent, promoting the importance of human resources as strategic assets. Errecom cares about people. And by “people” we mean all of them, not only our staff. During the pandemic, in fact, the company did everything it could to help the community, donating masks, hand sanitiser, and disinfectants to schools and families of the area. Also, another equally significant aspect is the company’s role as the training provider for HVAC/R technicians. From collaboration with trade associations to the Errecom Academy, the online and offline area that has been designed to provide HVAC/R technicians with free masterclasses, webinars and the specialist training they need to carry out the best system maintenance. As far as it concerns training, it’s worth mentioning the 2021/2022 edition of the Federchimica Giovani National Project, to which Errecom has decided to participate, in support of middle schools. The project includes Open Days in the company, interviews with department managers and much more, to allow students to collect all the information they need to realise group projects and to learn about a profession that is sometimes little known but highly valued, such as that of the chemist. Regarding the corporate governance model, on the other hand, here tradition and future mix together, generating a virtuous circle. The participation of female figures in the Board of Directors, the promotion of meetings between company functions and departments and the daily presence of the owners in the company make it possible to establish a climate of strong transparency and participation. By obtaining this ESG rating, Errecom quantifies the value of all those initiatives and projects which, particularly in recent years, have led the company down the road to sustainability. The next challenge now? To continue along this path, aiming to do more and more.


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