Since 2001 we work to develop new solutions to the problem of refrigerant gases leaks from AC/R systems. ERRECOM was born from an intuition of Luca Ronga, who was able to recognize a market with a great potential for development in a sector that was still relatively unknown in Italy. A family business lead by Luca Ronga (CEO) with his brother Nicola, that employes a multiethnic team: the linguistic and cultural differences are deemed a resource for a company that aims to a worldwide-sized production, as it is proven by the costant growth of the sales figures.

Luca Ronga (CEO / Founder)



April 2001

Errecom srl is born
Nasce Errecom srl

ERRECOM was born from an intuition of Luca Ronga, who was able to recognize a market with a great potential for development in a sector that was still relatively unknown in Italy. The first headquarters of ERRECOM were opened in Soncino (CR), 500 square meters assigned to the Automotive business.

March 2003

The internationalization starts
Inizia il processo di Internazionalizzazione

It's a family business, but with great knowledge and abilities. After only two years since the opening, the first overseas relationships start to be established.

February 2004

The start of HVAC&R
Apre il mercato HVAC&R

Always on the solution side of things, Errecom starts to modify his Automotive products to solve HVAC&R problems. A new business is born.

March 2005

After only two years Errecom exports to 15 countries worldwide

The expansion continues with new contacts, new deals and new partners that will become invaluable.

September 2005

The internationalization is complete

The great demand for our products brought us to expand our sales network to complete the international coverage. We exports to most nations, in all five continents.

January 2006

New Headquarters
Trasferimento della sede a Corzano

The need to grow our productive capacities brought us to a new location in Corzano, via Industriale 14. A modern structure with 2000 square meters of internal surface and 5000 square meters of outer space.

January 2007

Extreme is created
Viene inventato Extreme

An essential product to solve all the problems related to small leaks of refrigerant gases that occur in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

January 2008

We export to 50 countries in the world

Our products continue to grow in popularity and are requested by a constantly increasing number of partners and distributors from all over the world.

March 2009

Addition of an internal laboratory
Implementazione del Laboratorio Interno

To give a quick answer to the needs of our clients we added an internal chemical laboratory to be able to perform more tests and realize more products.

March 2012

ISO Quality Certification
Certificazione di qualitĂ 

A great step to confirm the quality of our products, Errecom achieve the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, with TUV SUD Italy.

September 2013

Expansion of the production location
Ampliamento sede Produttiva

Errecom growth keeps on an accelerating, the Terminal 2 is opened in Via Industriale 7 and the productive space is increased from 2000 to 4000 square meters.

February 2014

Expansion of the internal laboratory
Ampliamento del laboratorio interno

Errecom's internal laboratory is expanded to 200 square meters: new analysis and R&D methods are employed.

January 2015

We export to 92 countries in the world

A new goal has been reached by the sales network, Errecom's products are exported to 92 countries in the world.

September 2015

Sanibact: Presidio Medico Chirurgico
Sanibact: Presidio Medico Chirurgico

We achieve from the Italian Ministry of Health the Presidio Medico Chirurgico for Sanibact, the liquid disinfectant effective for flu, hepatitis B/C, HIV, rota virus, noro virus and ebola virus.

April 2016

ERRECOM 15th years
15 Anni di ERRECOM

ERRECOM celebrates its 15th years of chemical solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration.

January 2017

Expansion of Terminal 2
Ampliamento del T2

2016 has been an important year for Errecom financial turnover, which also means an increasing production request. That is why we decided to expand our T2: from 2000 sqm, we have now 4000 covered sqm. The total of Errecom productive surfaces is now: 6000 covered sqm and more then 10000 uncovered sqm

March 2018

Expansion of Terminal 1
Espansione del T1

Errecom has acquired 1500 square meters more, which will be divided between production and offices areas. Errecom's growth is continuous: the result is a need for more and more space.

July 2018

Errecom USA is born

Great success of Errecom products in the American market. To be even closer to our customers overseas, Errecom USA is opening in Miami, a logistic and distribution center that will guarantee an even faster and more dynamic service in a highly competitive market.