Join Errecom Brand Ambassador Program!


Brand Ambassador!

We are a company that strongly believes in the intrinsic value of relationships. We have always worked with a clear and precise priority: putting the customer’s needs at the centre of everything. We are constantly looking for innovative and cutting-edge products to make our clients satisfied. And if  Errecom’s  success is globally recognized today, it is also thanks to them. For this reason, aware of the immense value of our customers, we have created a project where they are the main characters:
Errecom  Brand Ambassador.

You are the Brand Ambassador  Errecom  is looking for if:
  • you are a qualified technician working in the refrigeration and air conditioning  sector;
  • you know extremely well  Errecom  brand and its  products;
  • you share Errecom’s values and philosophy;
  • you fully understand the refrigeration and air conditioning market to the point of being able to interpret expressed and latent needs;
  • your professional value is recognised online and offline, by customers, partners, and  colleagues with who you work daily.
Six benefits of being a Brand Ambassador for  Errecom
  • access  to the  training  program  carried out  by our  experts;
  • access to exclusive  events;
  • involvement in the development of new products through  direct contact with  Errecom’s  Research and Development  Department;
  • exclusivity in the launch phase of new  products;
  • support in promotiona l activities;
  • access to privileged purchasing conditions.
Errecom  Brand Ambassador activities
  • promoting online  Errecom’s  brand and products (video tutorial, social media posts, blog posts, newsletters)
  • promoting offline  Errecom’s  brand and products (by training networks of technicians, organising events to promote  Errecom’s  products, etc.)

Become Errecom Brand Ambassador. Share your experience and increase Errecom’s brand awareness on the market.

  1. Choose one of the following themes:
  • healthy air conditioning
  • automotive air conditioning
  • the world of refrigeration: residential and industrial refrigeration
  • AC/R systems maintenance and energy saving
  1. Create content, linked to the chosen theme, to promote Errecom’s products (a visual element -photo, short videos, tutorial videos- supported by a copy);
  1. Attach here a brief company presentation and the content requested at point 2.

The applications will be evaluated by Errecom’s marketing department, in collaboration with our experts. We will contact all the applicants whose content meets Errecom’s standards and values.