Are you a qualified technician in the AC/R sector who knows Errecom’s products very well? We have a proposal ...

Errecom Brand Ambassador: find out more!

Are you a qualified technician in the AC/R sector who knows Errecom’s products very well? We have a proposal for you! In this blogpost, you will find all the details about Errecom Brand Ambassador Project: the requirements to apply, the modalities, and the experience of GMC Air Specialist srl.

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We are a company that strongly believes in the intrinsic value of relationships. We have always worked with a clear and precise priority: putting the customer’s needs at the centre of everything.
We are constantly looking for innovative and cutting-edge products to make our clients satisfied.
If Errecom’s success is globally recognized today, it is also thanks to them. For this reason, aware of the immense value of our customers, we have created a project where they are the main characters: Errecom Brand Ambassador.


Who is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a customer who knows our products very well and appreciates their quality. After the positive experience he has gained by using them directly while working, he gets to the point of promoting them on the market, becoming a true ambassador of the company, and sharing its values and ethics.


You are the Brand Ambassador Errecom is looking for if:

  • you are a qualified technician working in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector;
  • you know extremely well Errecom brand and its products;
  • you share Errecom’s values and philosophy;
  • you fully understand the refrigeration and air conditioning market to the point of being able to interpret expressed and latent needs;
  • your professional value is recognised online and offline, by customers, partners, and colleagues with who you work daily.


Six benefits of being a Brand Ambassador for Errecom

  • access to the training program carried out by our experts;
  • involvement in the development of new products through direct contact with Errecom’s Research and Development Department;
  • access to exclusive events; exclusivity in the launch phase of new products;
  • support in promotion activities;
  • access to privileged purchasing conditions.


Errecom Brand Ambassador activities

  • promoting online Errecom’s brand and products (video tutorial, social media posts, blog posts, newsletters)
  • promoting offline Errecom’s brand and products (by training networks of technicians, organising events to promote Errecom’s products, etc.)


The experience of GMC Air Specialist srl

We would like to share the experience of GMC Air Specialist srl, founded by two brothers, Marco and Claudio Gratton, who have immediately believed in the Errecom Brand Ambassador Project.
They manage a team of technicians in the air conditioning and air treatment sector that operates throughout Italy.

“We are extremely enthusiastic to take part in the Errecom Brand Ambassador Project because we know the company and its products very well: we have been using them daily, in our work activities, for more than five years. We pay close attention to the new trends of the sector and the quality of the services; therefore, we need suppliers who share our same values and philosophy. Errecom’s catalogues offer a wide range of products: from the standard to the more innovative ones. All of them are designed to be easy to use, allowing technicians like us to carry out precise, effective, and resolutive interventions.
The quality of Errecom’s products has been the first element that caught our attention. Later on, we got to know better the company, finding out other features that made us realise that Errecom was the perfect choice for us. We appreciate the fact that Errecom is 100% Italian and has an internal production. Made in Italy is, in fact, a guarantee that contributes to the reliability of the products, both for technicians and final customers.
Besides, its Research & Development Department, where expert and skilled chemists work daily on new projects, is an additional evidence of Errecom’s authoritativeness.
To be honest, it was the most impressive thing we have noticed during our first time visiting Errecom headquarters.
We strongly believe that the presence of an internal chemical laboratory, to which we can refer to in case of need, is a significant added value.
This is because it allows creating favourable synergies for both parties.
On one hand, we can communicate to Errecom the market needs we recognized by working directly in the field. On the other hand, Errecom gives us advice on products, and guidelines to use them correctly”.

And regarding their involvement in the Errecom Brand Ambassador Project they add:

“We are proud to take part in this Project, we are already promoting Errecom’s product through different channels. One example is our Youtube channel, which counts 7000 subscribers and more than 2 million views: for sure it is strategic for the creation of useful and practical content. The recent GMC Academy, instead, is a great channel to promote Errecom brand offline. We are talking about a training course that we have developed to create a network of skilled technicians in line with GMC Air Specialist srl standards, covering the entire national territory.
Since now we can affirm it has been a success: at the end of the first working session, we received more than positive feedback. We are creating a relationship of trust with the technicians, answering more practical questions regarding Errecom products and the circumstances in which they might be the perfect solution to use.
Our experience in the field allows us to communicate easily with our interlocutors and to create more empathy with them. We use Errecom products daily, during our work activities and this is a guarantee of the effectiveness and safety of your brand.
We are enthusiastic about the partnership created so far with Errecom. We are certain we will achieve a lot together, after all, we share the same values”.

If you believe you are the ideal candidate and want to join Errecom Brand Ambassador Project don’t wait any longer.
Click here to send us your application!


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