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20th European Conference: Errecom is one of the speakers at the AC/R event

Once again, Errecom will be one of the speakers at the most important air conditioning and refrigeration event in Europe. But there is more. Also the 20th edition, Errecom will be the only chemical company to speak about the latest refrigeration and air conditioning technologies, sharing a stage with the top players and OEMs of the industry.
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Save the date: 8-9 June 2023. The event will be hosted by Politecnico di Milano, as usual, unlike the 2021 edition that, due to the pandemic, had been conducted with a hybrid format. Organised by Centro Studi Galileo under the auspices of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, the European Conference is the reference event that defines the future of the HVAC/R sector. The presence of the top energy and cooling experts is fundamental: United Nations, AREA (which counts 24 European refrigeration associations), IIF/IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris), ATF (Italian Association of Refrigeration Technicians) and REI (Renewable Energy Institute).  Stefania Pompeo, Errecom Laboratory Manager, is one of the 40 speakers and will give her speech: “Efficiency: the driver for a sustainable future”. In these years, the HVAC/R sector is facing a challenge that can only be met with sustainable growth strategies. The International Energy Agency has predicted the future of cooling: global energy demand from air conditioners will triple by 2050, requiring an increase in electricity capacity equivalent to that used by the US, EU, and Japan today. In the age of global warming, air conditioning (as much as refrigeration) is a necessity for human survival and if not managed in terms of sustainability, risks making the climate situation even worse. On the one hand, there is a need to increase the energy produced from renewable sources. On the other hand, it is essential to increase, now more than ever, the efficiency of the systems. Among the several best practices for maintenance, cleaning is the one that is as simple as underestimated. It is precisely on this topic that Pompeo’s speech, scheduled for the second session on 8th June, will focus. A/C filters, coils, and refrigerant lines: it is mainly here that different contaminants collect, reducing the system’s performance and consequently increasing its energy consumption. However, even a simple step such as cleaning can have an environmental impact. Even if in some cases, questions such as “when, how and how often the operator must clean” are left to the experience of the HVAC/R technicians, in others it is necessary to rely on professional tests to make sure about the result. Avoid unnecessary waste and minimise the use of flushing fluids whose disposal must be following precise standards are just some of the aspects related to the cleaning of refrigerant lines that further impact the environment.   Raising awareness: this is the aim of Errecom, which is about to attend the European Conference for the third time. Science and technology must necessarily evolve and keep up with the times to make the HVAC/R sector sustainable, keeping in mind that even the greatest revolutions start from zero. We need to train the HVAC/R technicians who experience the main problems of such systems daily. The efficiency of the systems is also in their hands and it is up to the industry leaders to provide them with the right tools to perform professional, effective, and sustainable interventions.

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