Foam Purifying Treatment for Surfaces

STARLUX is a foam purifying treatment for all surfaces frequently used.

Deep purification even in hard-to-achieve places

It is sufficient to spray a light layer of foam on the surface to be treated. The foam, once expanded, will incorporate the contaminating particles deposited even in the most hard-to-achieve points. Once removed the foam with a soft cloth, the surface will be cleaned and purified.
It’s suitable for HACCP plan.
It is the perfect solution to purify:
  • Offices: desks, monitor, keyboards, telephones, vending machines, handles, switchboards, elevator panels.
  • Kitchen: counter tops, household appliances, faucets.
  • Bathroom: bathroom fittings, shower floor, faucets.
  • Laboratories: work plans, equipment.
  • High chairs and changing tables
  • Surfaces made of glass
  • Floors
  • Electronic devices: cell phones, cordless, tablet, laptop.
  • Car: wheels, gear levers, door handles, dashboard, A/C vents.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Doctors’ officies and clinics
  • Schools: school desks, school-cafeteria, vending machines, locker room.
  • Sport facilities and equipments.
  • Welness centers
  • Pub, restaurant, ice-cream parlors, hotel
  • Shops and alimentary processing industries.

Germs and Bacteria Removal

STARLUX removes germs and bacteria from most surfaces by purifying the environment. It can also be used to clean and purify filters and ventilation ducts of air conditioning systems by eliminating microorganisms that affect the quality and healthiness of the air introduced into rooms or or cockpits.

Fast and Smart

STARLUX purifying treatment is quick and effective and releases a fresh, clean scent. STARLUX is a product suitable for the HACCP system.