Jet Cleaning Machine

JET GUN is a practical portable pressure water machine with shoulder strap specifically designed and tested to be used indifferently with acid, alkaline cleaners and water for cleaning indoor and outdoor A/C units.

Best Practicality

The 3 re-sealable bags – supplied with Jet Gun can be filled with acid or alkaline cleaners or water and can be used and interchanged quickly according to the desired application.

Ideal for A/C Unit Cleaning

JET GUN works with rechargeable battery that allows to jet 90 liters of cleaner. Thanks to the 6 BAR (85psi) pressure Jet Gun increases the cleaning power of the cleaners without damaging the finned batteries of the evaporator and condenser units. The adjustable spray tip converts from steam to mist the liquid.


Sanitization Gun

SANIGUN is Errecom’s novelty specifically designed to transform JetGun into a powerful machine for sanitization.
Sanitizing plants, machinery, offices, shops, working area will no longer be a problem. The long 600 mm nickel-plated aluminum delivery tube is ideal for reaching even the most difficult places such as floors under pallets. The brass nozzle generates a fan jet that allows a perfect diffusion of the disinfectant with a wide range of action. SaniGun is equipped with an ergonomic rubber handle and a quick coupling for a perfect connection with JetGun. Use SaniGun with SaniBact the concentrated disinfectant made by Errecom. Dilute 16.9 fl. oz. (500 mL) of Sanibact in 9 Liters Jet Gun bag to get ready-to-use disinfectant.