Purifying Treatment in Aerosol Can for Interiors

Disinfectant registered in Germany (N-69547)

INTERIOR PURIFIER PRO is a purifying treatment for interiors and surfaces. It removes
contaminants and particles leaving a pleasant fragrance. Its powerful jet of 0.68 fl. oz. (20 mL) / second allows to purify rooms maximum sized 70 m2 (160 m3) or 3 cockpits.

30 seconds to purify rooms up maximum sized to 70 m2 (160 m3)

Wear gloves, protective goggles and face mask to purify rooms maximum sized 70 m2 – 160 m3 (houses, offices, shops, restaurants, cinema, classrooms, canteens) in just 30 seconds and with a simple gesture. The powerful jet of the 20.3 fl. oz. (600 mL) aerosol can, sprays 0.68 fl. oz. (20 mL) / second. With this power, the air is completely saturated within 30 seconds allowing the molecules to evenly deposit in all the surfaces. With only 10 minutes of deposit time, INTERIOR PURIFIER PRO will have complete the sanization process. It is recommended to start the treatment from the very bottom of the room and moving to the exit.
Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from surfaces, objects and walls while spraying. Do not breathe the product during the treatment. It is necessary to ventilate the room before permanently entering it. INTERIOR PURIFIER PRO is a product suitable for the HACCP plan.

Complete sanification of cockpits

With INTERIOR PURIFIER PRO you can purify up to 3 cockpits, buses, emergency vehicles, vans, train and tube wagons, aircraft cabins etc. One product to purify the cockpit and all frequent use surfaces (car dashboard, wheels, safety belts, gear shift, handles, sun visors etc.)