Purifying Cleaners for Evaporators

Disinfectants registered in Germany (N-69546 - N-69545)

EVAPORATOR CLEANER, liquid and foam, is a purifying treatment in aerosol can formulated to deaply clean evaporator heat exchangers.

Deep hygiene to breathe healthy air

EVAPORATOR CLEANER is a purifying treatment to clean the air distribution duct of the air conditioner, incorporating and expelling all contaminating particles that can affect the quality of the air itself. Sprayed directly on the finned coils of the split or fancoil it removes dust, dirt, germs, allergens and microorganisms. EVAPORATOR CLEANER evaporates quickly and completely without leaving residues and streaks. It eliminates bad smells and leaves a pleasant clean scent. EVAPORATOR CLEANER is suitable for the HACCP plan.

Deep cleaning even in the dirtiest areas difficult to reach


The foam structure of EVAPORATOR CLEANER FOAM (leave to act 5 minutes) increases in volume reaching and removing even the dirtiest areas difficult to reach.

Thanks to its long cannula, inserted in all air vents the operator can deeply purify the system and all the ducts, ensuring the best distribution of the product ever.

Purify the whole room

The use of INTERIOR PURIFIER, purifying treatment for interiors, in combination with EVAPORATOR CLEANER completes the purifying action of the room. The contaminants released into the room during the air conditioning cleaning operation are in fact captured by the INTERIOR PURIFIER molecules and their action is permanently blocked. INTERIOR PURIFIER is registered in Germany as disinfectant (registration N-69547).