Purifying Scented Cleaner for A/C Filters

Chinook is a purifying cleaner formulated to remove dust, molds, bacteria, allergens and microbial contaminats from A/C filters.

Deep hygiene to breathe healthy air

Air conditioner filters are the main repository for dust, mold, bacteria, allergens, viruses and contaminating particles which, if not properly eliminated, are reintroduced into the room by the air conditioner together with the cooled or heated air. If the air introduced into the room is not healthy, infections, allergies and diseases (conjunctivitis, respiratory infections, legionella) can spread. It is therefore absolutely essential to clean and sanitize the filters with specific products to ensure healthy air.

Ready to use

CHINOOK has a deep cleaning and sanitizing action. Ready to use, it acts in just 5 minutes. Its rapid and safe action for the operator makes it the optimal solution to remove mold, bacteria, allergens and viruses from the filters of any type of indoor unit. It removes the causes of bad smells and leaves a pleasant scent. It is suitable for the HACCP plan.