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Errecom PAG LUBRICANTS define the level in the lubrication of the A /C compressor of each system due to the quality of its double-end-capped formula.

Ordinary PAG lubricants are characterized by an molecular structure which is open and therefore it’s chemically reactive on the both sides of the molecule. This makes them likely to bind with the moisture naturally present in the system, producing acids that deteriorate the components of the system which are more exposed to risks (such as compressor, condenser and evaporator).
In order to reduce this chemical instability some lubricants have been formulated by replacing the hydroxy group of one side of the molecular chain with an alkyl group. On the contrary, Errecom PAG LUBRICANTS have been produced by closing the both sides of the molecule (DOUBLE-END-CAPPED). The result is a stable lubricant even when exposed to high temperatures and to moisture, prolonging the state of maximum efficiency of the A/C.
N.B.: the producers of A/C compressors  OEM indicate to use PAG LUBRICANT in its proper viscosity.


  • Higher level of lubricity.
  • Double-end-capped formula for improved chemical and thermal stability.
  • Protection for the component.
  • Errecom quality.
  • Viscosity 100.
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