Refrigeration lubricants: compressor asks for quality

The air conditioning and refrigeration systems are composed also of compressors that need a continuous and safe lubrication.

The A/C compressor is that part of the circuit which, moving continuously, let the air and the refrigerant gas circulate.
Its mechanical activity requires a refrigeration oil to keep the piston and other moving parts properly lubricated.


Checking the quality and status of the refrigeration lubricant in the air conditioning system is a fundamental process for the correct maintenance of the circuit: old gases (now decayed) can often affect the quality and consequently the performance of the refrigeration lubricant itself.

The deep knowledge of air conditioning and refrigeration systems has led Errecom chemists to develop products that basically solve the problems in many AC/R systems.


From additives to lubricants in a very short step: Errecom’s laboratories have developed a products offer that is able to respond to a very specific and detailed market demand, coming quickly to the formulation of special lubricants for the refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
Errecom’s experience is synonymous with reliability, quality and 360° knowledge: our research focused on very high quality synthetic refrigeration lubricants.



Unlike mineral oils, synthetic refrigeration oils guarantee an almost absent percentage of humidity, which therefore ensures a very low incidence in terms of acid formation.
Our lubricants also have high resistance to oxidation and are present with different viscosity indices (in order to please any type of requests).


Moreover, the synthetic nature of our refrigeration lubricants gives us the opportunity to design ad hoc solutions starting from the need of each individual plant and in case of new refrigerants launched on market.
Fundamental pluses are also the higher chemical and thermal stability: these features ensure actually a limited formation of solid and laminated components that may settle within the plant and interfere with the performances of the compressor.
All this is synonymous with longer compressor life and less power required for the same work at certain rhythms: in a word, SAVINGS.


Errecom’s philosophy is based on few, but solid concepts. In addition to our Made in Italy production quality, we have been working in a green vision, with a constant eye on the future: our synthetic refrigeration lubricants have a pollutant impact which is almost null and certainly much less if compared to a oil mineral (not only in terms of the production process, but also speaking about disposal at the end of the product life and in case of accidental spilling).



The world of refrigeration lubricants has recently invested in specialization, in order to meet the needs of different circuits and many types of gas.
These features characterize our production of lubricants: we firstly consider the system and its specifications, as well as the gas or the refrigerant mixture in use.

There are several families of synthetic refrigeration lubricants on the market: POE, PAG and PAO (use the kind of lubricant suggested by the manufacturer).



  • POE – The polyol esters (POE) are characterized by the excellent lubricity and reduced solubility. These features allow the usage of low-viscosity lubricants with hydrocarbons. POE refrigeration lubricants are used in HVAC&R.
  • PAG – is the lubricant in the automotive sector, in particular with R134a refrigerant gas. R134aa producers underline how the compatibility between the refrigerant-lubricant mixture and the plant material change when varying the type of lubricant itself. The PAG is selected for the  vehicles A/C systems for its better compatibility. In case of compressor replacement, a system working with PAG is easier to be flushed thanks to the reduced dispersion of this lubricant. In this way maintenance costs are even reduced. There is therefore no benefit in using different oils for  automotive applications, just as indicated by the manufacturers.
  • PAO – PAO lubricants are stable solutions and therefore compatible with most plastics and elastomers. They are mostly used in addition to the PAG refrigeration oils for automotive applications.


The pursued aims in the development of new ERRECOM refrigeration lubricants are:

  • Excellent lubricant ability
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • High compatibility with the materials of all kind of systems, both new and old ones (with a constant attention to their evolution over the time)
  • Excellent properties at low temperature
  • Electrical isolation
  • Low toxicity and high biodegradability level, always following our green philosophy precepts
  • Reduced hygroscopicity and anti-humidity additive
  • High thermal stability to oxidation
  • High solubility performances with refrigerants
  • Optimal miscibility with refrigerants


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