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Complete Purifying Treatment for A/C Systems Vanilla scent

TOTAL CARE is a complete purifying treatment composed by two cans that will help you in cleaning and refreshing the vehicles evaporator, splits, fan coils as well as rooms and cockpits.

Once the treatment has been proceeded, TOTAL CARE will leave a pleasant fragrance of cleanliness.

200 ml (6.8 FL.OZ.) aerosol cans can be used in every kind of vehicles and even to treat rooms up to 30Mq, with air conditioners up to 24.000 Btu/H (6 KW – 2 TONS).


Clamshell including:

  • Can of Evaporator Cleaner Foam – Foam Cleaner
  • Can of Interior Purifier – Purifying Treatment for Interiors
  • With 60 cm canula


TOTAL CARE is available in 4 pleasant fragrances:

MINT: is a classic and immortal fragrance. Its notes will leave a fresh feeling in the treated room.

VANILLA: has a sweet and fascinating fragrance. Its note will embrace you in a pleasant “home sweet home” feeling.

TALC: has a fresh and clean nuance, which is able to leave a pleasant sensation of home-feeling in the room where it is sprayed.

LEMON: is an interesting scent that reminds of citrus fruits. Once it is spread, this perfume leaves a hygienic sensation.

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