Specific Leak Stop for R600 - R290 Refrigeration Systems - 12ml

EXTREME WHITE is a leak stop which has been specifically designed for refrigeration systems working with R600 and R290 refrigerant gases.


  • 12 ML (0.40 fl.oz.) is the universal dose for refrigeration systems up to 6 KW (20.000 BTU/h)
  • It repairs refrigerant gas micro leaks (0.03mm) that can occur in rubber or metal parts of the system
  • Compatible with all type of lubricants (PAG-PAO-POE-ALKYLBENZENE-MINERAL)
  • Ideal for preventive usage
  • Easy to use
  • Polymer-Free
  • It does not react to oxygen
  • It does not react to moisture
  • It does not damage the system
  • It does not damage the recovery and charging units
  • It is safe for the operator
  • It is safe for the environment
  • Syringe and adapter inside the packaging can be reused
  • 1 1/4 SAE Adapter is included
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