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COOL-SHOT is a syntetic catalyst that restore the original cooling performance of vehicles A/C systems, as well as air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

  • 30 ML (1 fl.oz.) is the universal dose for all the vehicles and for air conditioning and refrigeration systems up to 15 KW (51.000 BTU/h)
  • In A/C vehicles systems you will get colder air very fast: up to -5 °C
  • In A/C systems used as heat pump you will get hotter air very fast: up to +5 °C
  • +54% of lubricant power within the A/C compressor
  • It reduces the A/C compressor noise
  • It extends the A/C compressor life (+20 – 50%)
  • It reduces CO2 emissions and the usage costs of A/C systems
  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases – R1234yf, R410a and R32 included
  • Compatible with all type of lubricants (PAG-PAO-POE-ALKYLBENZENE-MINERAL)
  • It contains UV leak detector dye
  • Easy to use
  • Polymer-Free
  • It is safe for the operator
  • It is safe for the environment
  • Syringe and adapters inside the packaging can be reused.
  • 1 Adapter for vehicles A/C systems
  • 1 5/16 SAE Adapter for A/C systems working with R410a and R32 refrigerant gas is included
  • 1 1/4 SAE Adapter is included
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