Olesya Travkina: siberian education, made in italy passion

Olesya is one of those sales managers who do not miss any detail. Born in Siberia, she studied in St. Petersburg. Her career has developed between Russia and Germany.

Olesya’s strength and constancy have been definitely marked by her personal and professional path.

For 8 years she has been living in Italy, but with her feet always ready to fly somewhere in the world: let’s say she is a sort of “wonder woman” with an attaché case and an agenda that is always full.


Hello Olesya, what can you tell about yourself?

I graduated in Public Relations at the University of St. Petersburg, where I wrote a thesis about non-governmental organizations.

My first job was actually for a nonprofit who ran inscriptions, advertising and seminars on behalf of a photography school in the Russian continent. Over time the school has come off from the organization and I also decided to change for something new.

After a while I found a job as Account & Sales Manager by an advertising agency: I had to sell adv billboards in cinemas.

After a brief period in the marketing department of a technology company, I was lucky enough to get in a major advertising agency, where my role as Media Planner was about managing large budgets for clients of a certain caliber. I then got to know better the world of radio, TV and billboards. In short, a 360 ° vision in the world of communication.

Since 2009, finally, I am here in Italy: shortly after my transfer, I started at Errecom. And here I am today.


What is your role in the company?

When I started in 2009 I was in charge only for the German, Austrian and Swiss markets: this was for my knowledge of German language. At that time Russian market had still to start, so it didn’t really matter that I was mother tongue.

Over the years, the demand has increased a lot we had the need to quickly develop other markets: today I also speak English very often!

Errecom sales department was then structured and we tried (and are trying) to manage the various areas of the world considering one’s single knowledge of the market proximity with the others: the quality of our internal resources and our own organization have grown significantly.

And finally, since January 2017 I am responsible for the sales department: the role makes me very happy and gives me the opportunity to see and experience my work from a new point of view.


What do you mostly love about your job?

Easy to say: the relationship that I create with people.

Our activitie is mostly B2B: this means we propose something that brings financial income to our direct customer. We are not simple sellers, but real business partners.
In addition, being able to follow multiple markets gives me every day the opportunity to come into contact with very different cultures, as well as different kind of approach. Germans, for example, tend not to joke and get right to the point; Russians need to build a relationship based on trust; Mediterranean people are very sociable and appreciate when you remember their religious events. Shortly, I continue observing small details that, in my opinion, make a big difference.


Which are the company values that best reflects you?

At work we work hardly: a few words and many facts. It seems trivial, but not all companies think like this.

Scenario is different as soon as we have a break: we have a good team and with colleagues you can relax and talk about enything else.

I also love Errecom style: from packaging, outfits of colleagues, everything is detailed and has high quality.
And then we are all focused on one single goal.


If you were an Errecom product, what would it be and why?

I would say Cool-Shot: I think I am able to refresh, renew and I bring all my energy


You are a good sales manager because…

I think I can perfectly understand the needs of my customers: in this way, I can let them understand why they need a certain type of product and how they can earn by buying this.
I explain well and answer quickly: in this way my customers do not lose time.
Often, it also happen that the relationship with the client goes a bit ‘over the work: they trust me, and this approach is definetly appreciated.


The role of sales manager provides a daily approach anda very close contact with customers: what have you learned from them?

A lot!
The knowledge of languages, first of all: my English has improved a lot since I am in charge for some specific markets.
Their questions are also inspirational: over the years, I had the chance to approach various technical aspects thanks to their doubts.
Personally I have also become more patient and diplomatic: waiting for some answers, as well as the repetition of some issues have strengthened and improved me.


Last question: why choosing Errecom?

It’s the ideal product to start with if you have no experience: the quality is very high and the staff available and prepared to provide the right support.
In addition, we are young and dynamic: here in Errecom you get not bored at all. Innovation is our strong suit (we invest a lot in our R&D department), while our competitors are still always at the same point.


TO CONTACT OLESYAsales.2@errecom.it

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