MILLEMIGLIA and vintage car: main problems of the historic vehicles

Like every year, around mid-May, hundreds of historic cars meet in Brescia for the event that everyone knows as the “most beautiful race in the world”.

That of 2017 is the 90th edition of MILLEMIGLIA. For the occasion, there are 450 participating vehicles, coming from around 39 countries in the world.

As every year, Errecom, company from Brescia, has taken part in the event as a spectator: “I can’t miss this appointment”, says Luca Ronga – CEO of the company.

“A little for passion, a little for pride of my city (Brescia), a little for professional deformation, I go every year at the start.”

But, as an old saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold”: a historical car, of great charm and tradition, implies many maintenance problems, which are not always easy to solve.

The original pieces, over the years, are increasingly rare and difficult to recover.


The main damage occurs on the mechanical parts, most of the times it involves leakages:

  • to the engine oil circuit
  • to transmissions
  • to the steering
  • to the cooling system



Micro-leaks occur in any part of the vehicle and are often synonymous with wear: the more a car is on the road for a long time, the more stresses can affect it.

  • Engine oil leaks are easily solved with the use of STOP UP ENGINE.
    STOP UP ENGINE is the universal leakstop for petrol and diesel engines, specially formulated to seal any type of micro leak that can happen.
    It regenerates the gaskets to their normal elastic and sealing condition, without altering their structure.
    STOP UP ENGINE does not alter the technical characteristics of the oils.
    Once inserted, this leakstop will repair engine oil leaks in a couple of days of normal use of the vehicle.
  • For transmission problems, we recommend the use of STOP UP TRANSMISSION.
    STOP UP TRANSMISSION is a leakstop specially formulated to seal any type of leakage that occurs in vehicle transmissions.
    It restores the original condition of the gaskets hardened, deformed and worn.
    Also in this case, the repair of leaks occurs using the vehicle as usual in two days at most.
  • Speaking of steering, the product to be used is STOP UP POWER STEERING.
    Specially formulated to seal any type of micro leakages that may form in the power steering circuit, Stop Up Power Steering regenerates the power steering circuit seals.
  • Now let’s talk about the cooling system, the painful key of historical cars: BLUET is the most effective solution, designed in the Errecom laboratories.
    BLUET is a permanent sealant for leaks that are formed in engine cooling systems.
    BLUET is a permanent sealant for leaks that are formed in engine cooling systems. Particularly effective against leaks that occur for the seals of the blown, strained or deformed heads, cracked monoblocks or leaking radiators and cooling circuits, BLUET does not contain any filings or agglomerates of residues that could damage the components of the cooling system.
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