Massimo Bernardi: a life as sales manager

Massimo by name and by nature: as an enthusiastic and energetic sales man, Mr. Bernardi tells his life, based on many years of selling. What he has been selling is not easy to be summarized, but today he has decided to stop at Errecom and sell its high quality.

We leave you with this exciting interview, which will reveal the first of Errecom portraits that we would like to introduce to all of you.

Simply enjoy it.


Hello Massimo, what can you tell about yourself?

“I hope you have enough time – Massimo jokes (editor’s note). Telling my professional history is not that easy, but I will try.

My career is basically divided into three main universes, very heterogeneous ones: firstly automotive, cosmetics and the world of insurance.

“Well, sounds easy!” you would probably say. In fact, due to my role of sales manager/representative I have always faced many worlds, customers and really great differences.

I started early, when I was a high school student: at the age of 16 years my parents needed some help in the family business (a garage with a small area dedicated to the sale of cars). So I was catapulted into the world of work and responsibilities, being immediately rresponsible for four people. Well, I was captured by the car market since the very beginning. That is why I decided to attend a specilized course for trade representative agents: selling was my life, what I wanted to do.

My versatility gave me the chance to approach different areas: cars, beauty, insurance, then returning inevitably to the engine world.

With this enthusiasm I moved in the Americas in 2005, for about two years: my role was Sales Director for the Latin America market of an important multinational.

Back in Italy, I was still dealing with various sectors and then get to Errecom.


How long have you been working in Errecom?

1992 I met Luca – Errecom CEO (editor’s note). He was working in his previous company.

We have been keping in touch over the years: we really have much in common, such as our common passion for cars.

I have been collaborating with him for a period, until we finally looked each others and thought it was time to define it officially.

Now I am in Errecom. Since 2014.


What is your role in the company?

Sales Manager Italy: I develop new business and the support the market of our country.


What do you mostly love about your job?

This is a good question.

There is a premise: I am a veteran of this job and it should be said that the work of sales manager has changed a lot over the years.

Years ago approaching a customer was only linked to two methods: knocking on the door or open the obsolete white pages and call all the phone numbers of potential buyers. And I’m not even talking about all the driven kilometers just to bring a demonstration samples of the products.

Today work is easier and more dynamic: you can join the whole world in a single click.

So, I would say that what I love more of the “old school” tradition is the proximity to the customer. Speaking about today, I adore the incomparable dynamism that the global market has generated. Information arrives everywhere shortly.


Which are the company values that best reflects you?

This is easy to say: loyalty, class, discipline and seriousness.


If you were an Errecom product, what would it be and why?

Belnet – flushing liquid for refrigeration lines (editor’s note): as my wife says “I clean up everything”

Belnet is a guarantee of cleaning and I definetly try to live in a “cleaner world.”


You are a good sales manager because…

Because it is the job I chose and I think to be able to bring other people on my same path.

Obviously the product plays its own role and must be good: for ethics, I could never sell something substandard. This is why I married Errecom project.


The role of sales manager provides a daily approach anda very  close contact with customers: what have you learned from them?

Over the years, my clients have firstly taught me to relate with them. It seems trivial, but managing so many heads and different needs is not always easy.

And then, I think I have learned the most important thing: the art of listening.


Last question: why choosing Errecom?

I had the chance to live the daily routine of so many companies and I must say that I’ve never known such a dynamic one like Errecom: every year we invent something new, getting and looking forward, not backward as others do.
This really gives you a lot of arguments and the incentives to make our work in the best way possible.
Furthermore the staff is young, fresh and prepared.


TO CONTACT MASSIMO: sales.10@errecom.it

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