The importance of cleaning your house air conditioner

Let’s speak about Units

An air conditioning system has two main components: condenser and evaporator.

The evaporator (or indoor unit) generates cold air, by absorbing the one of the enclosed space in which it is inserted. The air is then cooled in the evaporator circuit and finally released by the fan of the air conditioner.

The compressor (or external unit) is rather known for its hottest circuit, which releases heat thanks to a fan that takes air from the outside and works it internally.

Evaporators and condensers are everywhere, even in refrigeration systems, including those used in supermarkets, restaurants and in private properties.

A deep and thorough cleaning intervention is definitly recommended.

Find out why…


Dirty air, waste of energy, increased bill: this is the question!

The heat transfer takes place within the A/C system. This means that a large amount of air passes through filters and circuits of the unit, accumulating an important quantity of dirt, dust, oily or fatty matter, insects etc.

This generated barrier inhibits the heat transfer, affecting the energy consumption and the increase of the service costs.



  • lower efficiency and performances.
  • higher temperatures.
  • a general increase of the operating costs.
  • Reduced air flow.
  • growth of bacteria and mold.
  • air contamination.
  • poor indoor air quality and stale odors.


A deeper cleaning of the Units: this is our Gospel!

A frequent and thorough cleaning program must be specifically designed in order to prevent and avoid the deterioration of the whole system.

We deeply know that normal treating processes are not sufficient: that is why our laboratories have defined the new cleaning standard for evaporators and condensers.

Every component has its own need in terms of therapy. Therfore Errecom has studied various dedicated solutions: a wide range of products, which proposes that both acid and alkaline liquids, safe and ready-to-use ones. Cleaners that restore high air quality in any environment and, more generally, improve the efficiency of the system.


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