Errecom products now available at Leroy Merlin

Being sold on Leroy Merlin shelves represents a real turning point for Errecom: for the first time, a product of this type will also be distributed to the end user, creating a great chance that greatly shorten the distances between B2B and B2C markets.

Leroy Merlin, the GDO French giant, specialized in the DIY and building world, offers its clients three of the leading products 100% Made in Errecom:

  • EXTREME, the leakstop for refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • COOL-SHOT, enhancer that restores the original performances of the units
  • SMART TESTER, equipment for the test and (if needed) the addition of refrigerant gas in A/C systems


The contract signs the purchasing of Errecom proposals from May 2016 and defines an important moment for the company:
“The distribution to the end user is a significative goal, something we were working on since a lot of time. It could not get better than this: we set off on the “big square” through the number one distributor in the field of DIY “ explains Luca Ronga, Errecom CEO.


These years of crisis marked actually important results for the world of Do-It-Yourself: the lack of purchasing power seems to have inspired the consumers’ operating side. Furthermore, information has an easier access and exploitability. That is why now we often decide (if possible) to “do by ourselves” what we previously outsourced.

Errecom accepted the challenge, by proposing user friendly products and studying green, safe and easy-to-handle solutions.


A range of products that can trivially be used by a common, willing and enthusiast consumer.
“We are not stopping here. That’s for sure: late May our e-commerce is going to start. It will propose the same products through Amazon platform. I do repeat: B2C is an important part of our future. Certainly it’s not a destination point” Luca Ronga says.

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