Elena Osypstova: initiative Made in Ukraine

Conscious, self-confident, smiling: these adjectives perfectly introduce Elena, Errecom Sales Manager, whose motivation has become a real trademark.

After having moved from Ukraine for personal reasons, Elena found in Errecom a challenge to be fought in the world of chemical solutions and formulas. This is a market that has not a lot to do with feminine, but that can set important reference point in women such as Madame Osyptsova.


Hello Elena, what can you tell about yourself?

In 2004 I received my bachelor in marketing. During the last two years of study I have done several internships: the first in a Ukrainian communication agency, that was following projects on behalf of important multinationals. This experience let me partially approach the world of sales: I discovered to have a passion for it, as the role of Sales Executive gave me the chance to promote and follow the customers in the best way possible.

Thanks to friendships I cultivated over the years of study, I worked in a big financial office in Kiev.

I had to deal with important clients and find new ones, in order to create my own personal database.

After one and a half year of hard work, the management decided to putme at the head of a team:  so I became office manager.

When my boss decided to quit, I followed him consequentially: I joined a an international scale company, based in Israel. In this case I primarily tasks of PR and project managing.

With the advent of the crisis, in 2008 or so, the project began to suffer. At that moment I found myself at a crossroads, which led me to move to Italy (even as a result of personal reasons).

Here I started working as a Sales Executive for an e-commerce of sportswear in Trentino area. A few years later, I moved to Brescia.


How long have you been working in Errecom?

I started working in Errecom in November 2013. At the time the company was looking for a Russian-speaking Sales Manager for maternity replacement.

But the collaboration went well and today I am still here.


What is your role in the company?

I follow something like 35 markets worldwide.

Just to give you an idea, I just mention some of them: Northern Europe, Baltic countries, Balkan countries, UK and Singapore.


What do you mostly love about your job?

I have no doubts: my clients.

I love the contact I have with them every day and their appreciations towards my work are my daily energy.


Which are the company values that best reflects you?

Uniqueness, the fact that we are dictating rythm and trends of our sector, dynamism and the absolute quality. All this makes me proud: it is easier to sell products when you know you have the best to offer.


If you were an Errecom product, what would it be and why?

Cool-Shot: I am vitamin for my clients and give them the charge.


You are a good sales manager because …

To be honest, I think to be better in the role of back-office: I am a very tidy and control freak person. I also have a very good memory, so I love everything related to storing and organizing activities.

Anyway, my customers appreciate my love for details and the fact that I consider each of them equally important.

I think they understand that I care.


The world of refrigeration and air conditioning is a unexplored universe for women: has this causes you difficulties?

Not at all.

At first, I had to study and apply myself a lot, because I was not a “technical.” But this was an interesting challenge.

Today, in every meeting or trade show I take part to, my “womanity” catalyze a lot the audience’s attention: I can approach the public in an easier wat and, at the same time, be forgiven in the event of some small technical error.

The fact that I am now a reference for my interlocutors is a source of pleasant surprise and therefore I often receive compliments.


The role of sales manager provides a daily approach anda very  close contact with customers: what have you learned from them?

The numerous technical questions that I receive give me the opportunity to deepen a lot of new topics. All that their requests are a source of inspiration and learning.

I must also say that my clients help me in finding a lot of useful contacts, introducing companies and markets to me.

Moreover, thanks to the relationship I established with them, I was able to understand many cultural differences and nuances.


Last question: why choosing Errecom?

We are the best in our industry, the only ones to offer a full range of products and solutions.

We are able to meet all type of needs and to develop products which are not yet on the market, thanks to a unique R&D department.


TO CONTACT ELENAsales.8@errecom.it

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