Air conditioning leak stops: yes or no?

Specialized magazine, journals and blogs have been discussing about the matter of the usage of sealants in air conditioning systems for years.
The eternal question amoung technicians seems to remain the same: “Leak stops for air conditioning and refrigeration systems – to be used or not to be used?”

The origin of this doubt has to be searched in an “old-style” attitude, justified by different factors that have characterized the first AC/R leak stops production.
The real problem is that products which are not evoluted from a technological point of view are still being sold in some market. This means that quality is not guaranteed (neither for the the system nor for the operator).


Which are the main defects a refrigerant leak stop of poor quality can have?

  • Chemical processes which are not technologically advanced: a lot of AC/R leak stops manufacturers keep on investing very few economic resources in R&D. This gives life to low quality solutions, which are not performing at all and dangerous, as well;
  • A lot of proposals are polymer based solutions: these air conditioning and refrigeration sealants clog the system as they react to oxygen and moisture;
  • Highly carcinogenic and flammable solutions that can be dangerous both for the operators and for the environment.


Air conditioning and refrigeration systems are obviously under wear processes and require maintenance.
Over the years, micro leakages formations are inevitable, especially when the system is in motion and therefore under constant stress (as is the case of vehicles). An intervention is actually a daily routine.
Fixing refrigerant leaks in AC/R systems is a duty: restrictive measures have been introduced by many governments that are fighting refrigerant gas leaks in order to preserve our planet: in the United States, for example, it comes to tickets up to $ 50,000 and/or 6 months in jail.


The end user is therefore obliged to repair the circuit, but the absence of government incentives is often a limit: substituting a system totally is too expensive and becomes an effort not everybody want to work for.
This is the reason why air conditioning leak stops were born: refrigerant leaks which are often difficult to be found (because of their small dimension and hidden position) can be rapidly repaired.
Errecom deals with micro-leakages of refrigerant gas since the very beginning, offering safe chemical solutions that easily solve this kind of problem thanks to their extremely innovative technologies that save time and money.
Errecom proposes different air-conditioning and refrigeration leak stops: every AC/R sealants has its own specific feature and application.
Errecom refrigerant leak stops are safe, polymer-free and not flammable solutions.


EXTREME ULTRA is a high performance solution designed in ERRECOM labs in order to repair these kind of refrigerant leaks, by guaranteeing a complete, permanent and elastic endurance of the system.
First introduced to the market in September 2016, EXTREME ULTRA is an ultimate high performance air conditioning and refrigeration leak stop.


Which are its pluses?

  • EXTREME ULTRA formulation is 100% safe: as a non-polymer liquid it does not react to air or humidity, avoiding any possible clogging
  • EXTREME ULTRA is safe even for the operator: the product is not dangerous at all. Other solutions now on market are carcinogenic
  • Errecom labs have projected a solution that can guarantee better performances even with less product in the system: EXTREME ULTRA innovative molecules allow to use a very small dosage of leak stop


This last plus represents a real turining point: the market trends underline the future necessity of using more and more additives in order to solve the most common air conditioning and refrigeration system problems. The intervention will have to be faster and cheaper, if possible.
EXTREME ULTRA is a product that perfectly interpreted this need. After more than four years of R&D efforts and thousand of tests, Errecom projected a leak stop dose which is definitely reduced if compared to the previous one. Only 0.20fl oz (6ml) can treat air conditioning and refrigeration systems up to 21kW (6tons). These kind of system were previously treated with 1.5fl oz (42ml).


EXTREME is the product that has made Errecom an international guarantee when it comes to chemical solutions applied to the world of air conditioning and refrigeration.
As “predecessor” of EXTREME ULTRA, EXTREME has all its pluses. Which is the difference? Its molecules are less powerful: therefore, more product is needed to repair a circuit.


EXTREME WHITE is a leak stop for refrigeration systems, specifically developed for circuit working with R600 and R290.
EXTREME WHITE is also a safe, polymer-free and non-carcinogenic product.


EXTERNAL is also a new entry in Errecom products range: presented at the end of 2016, this leak stop has to be applied externally on refrigeration and air conditioning systems components.
It is recommended for applications with flammable refrigerant gases. In these cases, welding is a very difficult operation: EXTERNAL let the operator intervene immediately even on this kind of systems, avoiding any scrapping. Specifically designed to effectively seal all types of leakages up to 5 mm on metal and rubber components of a refrigeration system, EXTERNAL is resistant to lubricants, additives and refrigerant gases.
It actually resists to temperature changes and can be indifferently used both on the side of high and low pressure (hot or cold).

Errecom offers a wide range of solutions to repair refrigerant leaks safely and effectively.
The products, designed in complete respect for the environment, guarantee an elastic seal and give you the ability to intervene in time.


In conclusion, in response to the initial question “Leak stops for air conditioning and refrigeration systems – to be used or not to be used?” The answer is “yes”, but the product must guarantee certain standards:



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