Air conditioning: heating 2.0 during the winter months

What’s behind the usage of heat pumps during the winter months?

Air Conditioners have become the brand new frontier in heating process,  especially if we’re looking for something with an eye on budget.

Boilers are not only expensive but their installation and maintanance costs are obscenely high. On the contrary, a modern A/C system is easily treatable and need technicians just in case of big problems.


To heat up or not to heat up: that is the question!

But how does a device built to extract hot air from a room also provide heat? The answer is actually quite simple.

Heat Pump refers to a device that moves heat from one location to another. An air conditioner is a heat pump by definition as it is used and thought to create a temperate atmosphere by moving heat all around.

The magic behind this process is quite simple: the way it works on heating mode is almost identical to the way in which the air conditioner works while cooling. The only one difference is that the cycle is being reversed.


Why choosing an air conditioner as a heat pump instead of a conventional heater?

That is simply said: it is a cheaper way to warm up your rooms and an eco-friendly choice, as well.

Due to the growing green consciousness of the consumers, heat pumps are becoming more and more popular.

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