Air-conditioners and design: even the splitter is part of the house interior

Objects previously considered simply as useful home components are now seen from a design point of view, becoming real furniture products.

So happened more precisely for air conditioners, splitter above all (both houses’ and offices’).


There are several factors driving the consumer in the selection of his own cooling system: first of all its energy class, but not only. Inverter technology is also important, but so is the power and, of course, the aesthetic issue.


Summer season is coming and we would like to give you some helpful tips, in order to let you choose with more awareness.



Firstly, if possible, choose a better energetic class (A, A+, A++).

Compared to the classic technology On / Off, which leads to higher consumptions, opt for inverter air conditioners: these exploit a compressor which adjusts the power, considering the outdoor temperature. In this way, energy saving is guaranteed.



De gustibus non disputandum est, the Latins said. The same principle has to be applied even in the chois of your a/c system.

The one you buy should meet your style and even goes well with the rest of your interior decors.

Design is often a protagonist in today’s market world. This means that models are built in every type of material and mood.

Among the different recent presentations, we quote Ellipse HP by Olimpia Splendid. Designed by Raffaele Darra, it is ideal for those who needs to refrigerate different environments (this solution is indeed a mobile one).


Flexitype Daikin is designed for installations to be made in the ceiling or in the low part of the wall. Its technology is the same of LG S09AW: the latter also has an air conditioner Gold Fin anti-corrosive treatment.

LG signed event the Art Cool line: air conditioners become famous paintings (or can be realized with customized images).

If your style is more minimalist or contemporary,

you won’t be able to resist the technology of the new Daikin Emura collection. Real pieces of interior design, these air conditioners have been revisited with opaque white (more traditional) and anthracite (more futuristic).

But these are not the only available solutions: meet your own taste, by surfing the web and discovering your favourite splitter.

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