Tabs Concept: air conditioner cleaning more comfortable

Cleaning air conditioner is an operation that is often underestimated by users.
During the shutdown period, in fact, the system accumulates in its parts different contaminating agents that reduce the quality of the air you breathe: in the split filters dust and dirt accumulates , which can`t be eliminated with the use of water only; in the evaporator (indoor unit), due to the moisture sediments, fungus and algae tend to form, as well as microbial agents that are harmful both to the system and to those who breathe the air coming out of the circuit; on the condenser (outdoor unit) dust, smog, rust and other elements that deteriorate the materials of the air conditioner in a short time and affect the performance of it.


Air conditioner cleaning is therefore not only important in terms of hygiene, but also in terms of efficiency: the more a conditioner is dirty, the less it will work, the higher the energy consumption will be to reach the desired temperatures.



Errecom has studied a line of cleaners in tabs that will facilitate the life of all operators.

Choosing cleaners for air conditioning and refrigeration systems in tablets, is in fact ,a smart decision: operators who deal with the maintenance of AC/R systems can avoid unnecessary weights and transport bulky tanks.
Only one tablet of just 20 grams can be easily dissolved in 5 liters of water: the Errecom tabs have been specifically designed to be compatible and efficient with water of all hardness.
This plus is essential for all technicians who work every day in any type of place and situation.


The Errecom laboratories have also designed ideal solutions for every component of the air conditioning system (evaporator, condenser and condensation drain).
The compositions of our tabs are available both in acidic and alkaline solution, to adapt on a better way to every type of condition.
A large amount of air passes through filters and circuits of the A/C units, holding back an important accumulation of dirt, dust, oily or greasy elements, insects etc.
The barrier that is created ,affects the quality of the air produced and inhibits heat transfer, affecting the energy consumption and the increase in service costs.



  • lower efficiency and less performant features
  • higher temperatures
  • overall increase in operating costs
  • reduced air flow
  • growth of bacteria and molds
  • air contamination
  • in general- poor indoor air quality and stale odors


A frequent and accurate air conditioner cleaning program must be specifically designed to prevent and avoid deterioration of the entire system.
With the Errecom cleaners in tabs the maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems will be easy, economical and green.


  • EVO TABS – ideal for cleaning the evaporator
  • ALKALINE TABS – for all very dirty condensers
  • ACID TABS – for condensers located in very salty and calcareous locations
  • EMERALD TABS – 100% biodegradable tablets, useful for cleaning the condensate drain
  • DRAIN TABS – for condensation drainage


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