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针对使用R12 - R134a - R1234yf制冷剂的车辆空调系统和电动压缩机PAG润滑油

Premium PAG lubricants have been developed for automotive applications, specially with the use of R12, R134a, R1234yf and electric compressors.
Errecom Premium PAG oils are a mixture of polyalkylene glycols and additives specially formulated to achieve a better lubricity, chemical and thermal stability as well as an excellent anti-wear protection of the A/C system components.

The pursued aims in the development of new ERRECOM lubricants are:

  • Excellent Lubricant ability
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • High Compatibility with the materials of all kind of systems, both new and old ones (with a constant attention to their evolution over the time)
  • Excellent properties at low temperature
  • Low toxicity and high biodegradability level, always following our green philosophy precepts
  • Reduced hygroscopicity and additive anti humidity
  • High thermal stability to oxidation
  • High solubility performances with refrigerants
  • Optimal miscibility with refrigerants



制冷压缩机用 POE 冷冻油



冷冻油 PAO