冷冻油 PAO

PAO synthetic lubricant by Errecom is composed of a mixture of hydrogenated and Polyalphaolefins additives specifically formulated to achieve a better lubricity, chemical and thermal stability as well as an excellent anti-wear protection of the AC/R system components.

PAO based lubricants have better resistance to mechanical stress and excellent performances with refrigerants working at very low evaporation temperatures. They can be used with R723, Ammonia, CO2, propane, and propylene.

The pursued aims in the development of new ERRECOM lubricants are:

  • Excellent Lubricant ability
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • High Compatibility with the materials of all kind of systems, both new and old ones (with a constant attention to their evolution over the time)
  • Excellent properties at low temperature
  • Low toxicity and high biodegradability level, always following our green philosophy precepts
  • Reduced hygroscopicity and additive anti humidity
  • High thermal stability to oxidation
  • Decent solubility performances with refrigerants
  • Optimal miscibility with refrigerants



针对使用R12 - R134a - R1234yf制冷剂的车辆空调系统和电动压缩机PAG润滑油


制冷压缩机用 POE 冷冻油