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Cleaning the air conditioner: tips and suggestions for a top installation

Summer season is approaching and you do need to restore your air conditioning system at its best.
Whether domestic or industrial use, each a/c circuit should be specially treated before being switched on again for the warmest months.

During the inactivity period, the system accumulates in its parts a series of contaminants that impoverish the quality of air that we breathe:

  • in the filters of the split dust and dirt accumulate, that cannot be eliminated with the only use of water
  • in the evaporator (internal unit), due to sedimentation of the condensate, fungi and mucilage are created, as well as microbial agents that are harmful to the system and also for those who breathe the air that comes out of it
  • in the condenser (external unit) dust, smog, rust and other agents affect the air conditioning materials and their performance in a short time


The cleaning of the A/C system is important for its hygiene and also for its effectiveness: an air conditioning system properly treated guarantees better performance and less impact in terms of cost and power efficiency.





Detergents (each formulation and use) may contain ingredients, surfactants, which allow a more effective cleaning, but can also damage water quality when released into the environment.

Therefore, its use must be carefully controlled: the EU Regulation establishes common standards for detergents and surfactants to be sold and used, ensuring also that they provide a high degree of protection for the environment and human health.


Errecom has designed a complete, eco-friendly and easy-to-use conditioner cleaning program: a wide range of products, offering both alkaline and acidic liquids, which are safe and ready to use.

Cleaning products that restore high air quality in each type of environment and, more generally, improve the efficiency of the A/C system.

The Errecom cleaning product line guarantees a much higher level of biodegradability compared to that required by EU regulations about chemical solutions.

And not only: the triggers of the cleaning products are made up of 100% recyclable plastic, to ensure a convenient and immediate elimination by the end user.


CHINOOK: for filters cleaning

First thing to do is to remove filters from the A/C system.

Filters are actually the real dust and dirt receptacles.

CHINOOK is an effective cleaner for filters of every A/C system.

As a non-aggressive solution, CHINOOK is safe for all the components.

Thanks to its ready-to-use application and efficiency, CHINOOK easily removes smog, dust and mold, as well as microbial contaminants.

This product also has a pleasant scent and it is safe for the operator.


ECO JAB: for evaporator cleaning

After having cleaned the filters, you should treat all the evaporator components with ECO JAB.

Designed in absolute respect for the environment, this product does not contain acids, phosphates, solvents and soda.

Its biodegradability is guaranteed at very high levels thanks to the use of natural surfactants.

It removes organic residues, dust and mold on each evaporator component.

ECO JAB is also safe for the operator and does not leave residues that can be harmful to the environment.

(Alternatively it is also possible to use JAB, a cleaner with a lower biodegradability level, but with surfactants used in cosmetics.

This means that it can also be used in the food transit areas).


DRIZZLE: for condensate drain cleaning

Third step is about condensate drain cleaning: in this section it easy to find residues of water that, can form contaminants such as algae and mucilage that lead to an obvious air impoverishment.

These microbial components can also cause clog the system and consequently, in the most serious cases, its breakage.

DRIZZLE is a specific product with a rapid and effective action that has been specifically formulated to remove dirt and obstructions of the condensate drain pipes of air conditioning systems.


BEST COND CLEANER: for condenser cleaning

The evaporator has been carefully restored.

We must now treat the condenser, also known as “outdoor unit”.

BEST COND CLEANER is an alkaline cleaner for condensers settled in extremely dirty conditions, whose origin is mainly environmental and/or animal.

Thanks to its properties and formulation, this product effectively degrease, removing even the most stubborn deposits such as organic residues, stubborn fat, dust, pollen and smog.

BEST COND CLEANER is ideal to restore neglected systems by improving their performances and it is also indicated to degrease thoroughly dirt deposited in the cracks of the finned coils.


NO-AGE: to protect the condenser against corrosion

Internal and external cleaning processes are completed.

Now it is necessary to protect the unit which risks more from corrosion (we are speaking about the condenser).

Especially when installed in highly oxidizing areas (seaside, polluted sites), condenser is subject to heavy stress because of salt, acid rain and pollution.

Directly spray on the previously cleaned condensers, NO-AGE forms a microfilm that maintains unaltered the thermal exchange of the condensing unit, reducing the ability of contaminants from damaging the surfaces.

NO-AGE also protects the metals thanks to an anti-corrosion barrier.


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